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Detail of the main beach in Sumpetar
Detail of the main beach in Sumpetar
Our site contains information about Sumpetar, once a settlement of its own between Split and Omiš on the Adriatic coast, now part of Jesenice. By now the settlements along this part of the coast have practically became one, the buffer area between them has disappeared: Podstrana - Krilo - Suhi Potok - Sumpetar - Jesenice - Mali Rat - Orij - Dugi Rat create a continuous resort area.

One can't go wrong with any of the beaches in this part of the Adriatic, as all beaches are well equipped and maintained. Sumpetar's beaches are pebble covered in the NW area and fine gravel in the SE section.

Almost all items necessary for the vacation can be bought locally (food, beverage, beach ware), or, they are available in any of the nearby cities and towns (Split, Dugi Rat, Omiš). Sumpetar's several restaurants and bars serve the vacation makers.

Beach in Sumpetar's NW
Beach in Sumpetar's NW
Sumpetar has its own harbor, where it's possible to hire boats, and also, this harbor is a departure and arrival point for various boat excursions, let them last only one or several days.

Cultular and architectural monuments of Sumpetar will probably catch the attention of history aficionados. The settlement, known as Narestae, existed in ancient Roman times already. Today's name was received after the foundation of a Benedictine monastery in the 11th c. by Petar Crni Gumajski - the monastery was dedicated to St. Peter, hence Sumpetar. A charter issued in 1105 and known as the "Sumpetarski kartular" is an important historical source. The area in the middle ages was known as the Republic of Poljica, Sumpetar preserved one church from this era: the Sustipan (St. Stephen's) church can be found in the settlement's cemetery.

For a better understanding of Sumpetar please visit our pages with pictures, short videos and our web directory, too.

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2013/06/01 08:57
Mesto moje mladosti.Tu sam upoznala najdivnije ljude,doživljavam ih kao svoje najrodjenije.lNeka ih Bog čuva.Volim vasssssssssssssssss!

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